Introducing the world’s first and only aftermarket universal “remote head” keys.

Stock a handful, not a roomful.

Finally. Universal remote technology has come to the automotive world.

Solid Keys USA is the world’s only manufacturer of Universal Car Remotes.

An aftermarket universal Ford key that’s designed in America, and built to last. Tested, warrantied, guaranteed.™

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Solid Keys USA is America's newest key producer and a genuine innovator.

Solid Keys USA is America's newest key company, and a genuine force of innovation in the automotive key industry. Solid Keys USA leverages the newest technologies to create innovative solutions helping locksmiths and retailers streamline inventory, simplify their operations, and reduce costs. As creators of the world's first and only Universal Car Remotes and Universal Car Keys, locksmiths and retailers look to Solid Keys USA for the newest essential products and solutions enabling them to “work smarter” while boosting margins.

Software and hardware designed in America. Tested, warrantied, guaranteed.

The recent proliferation of imported low-quality "remote head" keys with faulty software and hardware has challenged locksmiths' operations and reputations. With the introduction of Solid Keys' replacement keys and Universal Car Keys, retailers and key replacement professionals no longer need to expose themselves to risks to earn reasonable profits.

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Designed and Assembled in USA