Solid Keys USA is America's largest, most-trusted, key producer and a genuine innovator, developing groundbreaking technologies to create products and solutions that help locksmiths streamline inventory, simplify processes, and reduce costs. By creating the world's first Universal Car Remote and Universal Car Keys, Solid Keys USA is offering locksmiths valuable products and solutions that enable them to do more work and boost profit margins.

Solid Keys USA is a high-tech replacement automotive key manufacturing division of Louisville, Kentucky-based iKeyless, LLC. Founded in 2002, iKeyless specializes in the design, manufacture, wholesale distribution, and retail sale of replacement automotive keys and keyless entry remotes.

iKeyless began as one of the internet’s first retailers of replacement keyless entry remotes. In 2006, replacement keys were added, making iKeyless the internet’s first website selling both keys and remotes. Today, iKeyless remains the world's leading online seller of replacement keys and keyless entry remotes.

In 2008, iKeyless purchased a second-hand van and experimented with servicing fleets and car dealerships. The division, now known as Car Keys Express, operates nationwide with employees in 48 states.

2009 marked the beginning of iKeyless’ research and development division. Two years later, production began on the first line of their replacement remotes. In 2014, iKeyless celebrated the release of its highest product development achievement to date—the world’s first Universal Car Remote. The Universal Car Remote has been received enthusiastically by both retailers and key professionals and is sold across North America.

The success of the Universal Car Remote led to the launch Solid Keys USA in 2015. Its inaugural product line, the world’s first Universal Car Keys, debuted at the Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX), the automotive parts industry’s premier tradeshow, and won the coveted Best New Product Award.

When calculating the “man years,” Solid Keys USA has invested decades into creating innovative and industry-changing products—30 years dedicated to the Universal Car Remote alone and over 60 on Universal Car Keys. As technology-based keys become more common, Solid Keys USA is actively expanding Its line of replacement keys to dramatically reduce costs today and insulate key professionals from increasing costs into the future.

The recent proliferation of low-quality, inexpensive, imported remotehead keys with faulty software and hardware has challenged locksmiths’ operations and reputations. With the introduction of Solid Keys’ replacement keys and Universal Car Keys, key replacement professionals no longer need to expose themselves to risks to earn reasonable profits.

For a young company, Solid Keys USA has an extensive “list of firsts.” This list will grow significantly in the coming months and years as more innovative projects come to market—products that allow locksmiths and retailers to operate more efficient and more profitable operations.

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